Friday, July 19, 2013

The Atrium

One of my favorite places on the ship is the Grand Atrium. It’s fairly common on most cruise ships I have found, a central area where the ceiling towers many floors above which gives the impression of being in the middle of a large sky scraper. Sometimes it’s easy to forget you are even on a ship here.

On the Carnival Miracle, the grand atrium spans 10 stories, is dwarfed by 3 glass elevators, centered on a large bar and dance floor and then flanked by cushy seating areas that are perfect to sit and enjoy conversation with your fellow passengers. After enjoying the beauty of Tracy Arm fjord from out on the chilly deck, our group headed down to the atrium to watch glaciers and ice bergs float by out the window as soft music played and waitresses kept the drinks flowing. This is also a terrific place to people watch, as a central point it means people pass back and forth all day. Ice bergs and people watching all at once- who would have thought!

I know it may be funny to devote a whole entry to the Atrium, but I realized I forgot to include pictures the other day and it truly is the most eye catching part of the ship!

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