Monday, July 15, 2013

North to Alaska! But not quite yet... Part One

One personal rule I have about cruise travel is never fly in the day of a cruise, or even the day before. Caveat here, we have spent the past three years in Hawaii and the three prior in Alaska, so travel is an all day affair and one missed connection can be a nightmare. At any rate, we arrived in Seattle last night, with plenty of time to spare before Tuesdays sail away. We are lodging at the Warwick Seattle hotel, chosen for it's proximity to everything fun downtown, decent looking rooms (online), and price. I was able to snag an extremely good deal via one of my agency suppliers and booked rooms for ourselves and our traveling companions (my husband Brian's parents.)

I was going to run around and take a bunch of photos of the Warwick, but really why reinvent the wheel. They obviously paid someone a lot of money to take nice quality pictures, so go check theirs out at their website. Now, on first glance as we approached the Warwick I was a little skeeved out by the worn exterior. When you walk around downtown Seattle though you find buildings have one of two exteriors- sleek, modern, mirrored glass or old worn down brick. This was the second kind of building. The lobby is very small, there is a nice looking restaurant I have not tried yet attached to the lobby that my in-laws enjoyed last night. The room itself is roomy, modern, and very clean. I do have two complaints that you'll see below- one really can not be helped, but the other is pretty strange.

Okay this just is what it is, we're downtown in a big city full of big buildings and everyone won't have a view. Some of us will have a view alright... of a brick wall. My suggestion to anyone selecting a room at the Warwick, request a room that is NOT an even numbered room on floors 1-4 to avoid this view!

That was really no big deal, we spend little time in the room after all. The next bit is a little odder. As I climbed into bed last night, my feet felt something warm and furry. Not a rat thank god.... a blanket type cover of some kind for the mattress. We pulled up the blankets and sheets from the bottom and saw this. The top of the bed also had a gap- that's when we realized the maid had put the bottom (unfitted) sheet on sideways! This could probably be shrugged off as a one time freak anomaly.... except we checked the second bed in the room and hey- it was also made with the sheet sideways. So there we were at 11 pm after traveling all day, changing our own hotel sheets so our feet were not rubbing bare mattress.

Would this put me off of staying at the Warwick again? Probably not on it's own but there is one other problem that is probably a deal breaker for me. This hotel has cotton balls in pillowcase syndrome. As I revealed in my review of The Outrigger, pillows are a big deal for me. They pretty much make or break my sleep. I could probably sleep on a bare floor, if I had a decent pillow. this room offers six pillows, all of the same poor cotton bally quality and it was a difficult night's sleep. If you driving and can toss a pillow into the back of your car, and are offered a great rate- the Warwick is a good choice. It's safe, it's clean, its very conveniently located. Bring a pillow though, and check the sheet tuck!

I'll check in with Part 2 later, and share a little slice of Seattle. Some great eats and special treats in this beautiful Northwestern city.

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