Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ketchikan Alaska, paradise

We technically had one more port call after this- Victoria, but it didn't count (more on that later) With Ketchikan they saved the best for last. The most disappointing thing about this port is how SHORT the port call is. We needed at least a few more hours. Caveat here, Ketchikan is a special place for me- my son is in the US Coast Guard and is stationed there! 

We arrived to rain, which for Ketchikan is pretty normal. It wasn't hard rain, just that grey chilly drizzly stuff that seems to permeate the Alaskan coast for much of the year. We headed up to the Cape Fox lodge to enjoy a REALLY good breakfast with our son. The views from the Cape Fox are wonderful- you tower above the town and have a clear view of the cruise ship through large glass windows that make up the restaurant. There is an elevator tram down on Creek Street by the way, that goes directly to the lodge for any of you who are on foot. 

Our visit was spent catching up with our son, touring the Coast Guard station, visiting a little beach area, shopping and seal watching on Creek Street, and finishing it off at Fish Pirates with a famed "Bloody Salmon" (a bloody mary with smoked salmon flavored vodka)  The sun did end up coming out and IU was able to grab some great shots of the spectacular scenery. This is really all about the pictures...

The town from the water-

Creek Street

Scenery around the island

Fish Pirates, Bloody Salmon! yumm!

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