Wednesday, July 24, 2013


(Note, I had this written the day after we left Skagway but the satellite internet on the ship that far north was very slow and spotty and I gave up on attempting photo uploads. Catching up now... slowly again, but better than on the ship!)

I’ve never been to Skagway before, but I knew to expect a typical southeast Alaskan sea town with a colorful history. The town itself was cute, but to be honest the real draw here was the drive. We opted to rent jeeps through a private supplier my agency uses, and take the gorgeous ride from Skagway to Emerald Lake, in Yukon territory. This drive follows the historic Klondike highway, and brings you almost 4000 feet high near the summit of White Pass Summit, then through the cute little town of Carcross (previously “Caribou Crossing”), and on to the majestic green glacial waters of Emerald Lake. It’s about a 75 mile drive one way, but this was a long port call so we had no problems timing that in and then adding on time to sightsee around town and catch a late lunch at the Skagway Brewery. During our journey we encountered thick as molasses fog for several miles along a high mountain pass, that got a little scary. Otherwise it was all fun, we even had several bear sightings! We took a small detour and visited the gold rush cemetery where infamous villain Soapy Smith is buried (we never found his grave and gave up looking) We also stopped for a nice little trail hike to a beautiful waterfall. It was a VERY full day and really, considering the cost of Skagway excursions we didn’t spend much at all. I’d recommend renting and driving your own vehicle to anyone!

Our rides, they came with coolers filled with bottled water, snacks, and CD radios. They were nothing special and had seen better days- but they did the job and got us to and from the Yukon safely.

First stop was at the Gold Rush ceremony, where Soapy Smith is buried, we couldn't find him. Here is some other cool looking grave. We also took a small hike here to a nearby water fall.

Our drive into the mountains was honestly pretty scary, the fog was THICK.

Once we get through the fog, it's beautiful! A short stop in Carcross for the yummiest pastry and coffee, then onward we went to the Yukon and Emerald Lake.

 The ride back was MUCH nicer, as the fog lifted. 

I just thought this was cool, we saw a few of these liscence plates from way the heck up there.

Then back to town and the harbor area where we moored. Something I thought was cool, was this rock wall at the port- any company that moors there has their mark made.

  The train pulls right up to where the ship docks so if you want  train tour its super convenient.

Skagway to Yukon? A hit!

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