Sunday, April 28, 2013

The age old travel question is, is it the journey or is it the destination that really matters? I would argue both are important. The journey can be one that is luxurious and decadent- first class breakfast eaten on fine bone china served with mimosas and a smile, as the clouds float by beneath. It could also be one filled with adventure and challenge- facing personal fears head on and taking life by it's hand as if yelling, "I'm still here!" Maybe that's on a bike, or with a walking stick in hand, or high upon the mast of a tall ship. The journey most definitely matters.

The destination does too. It is there you will reconnect with your children. It is there you will see your mate with new eyes as he holds your hand and walks you down that beach. It is there you will face the thrill of snow and ice as you fly down that mountain. It is there you will awaken refreshed and renewed after that cleansing scrub and sauna hour. It is there you will laugh with your girlfriends, meet your new love, win your first poker game, get freckles on your nose, try escargot finally, fly high in the sky from a parasail, dance under the moonlight, reel in that big fish, and when it is all over- go home feeling like all the day to day tasks that funded that travel fund were worth every second.

I'll be sharing my journeys and my destinations here. I invite you to share your own where you wish! 

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